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Australian Signals Directorate (ASD)

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Total Salary Package: $74,795.76 – $102,718.72 (plus 15.4% super)

Brisbane CBD – QLD,Canberra – ACT,Melbourne CBD – VIC,Perth CBD – WA

The Role

ASD4 Administration Officer

As an ASD4 Administration Officer you will play a vital role in your team’s delivery of operational and business outcomes for ASD.

ASD4’s are accountable for organising their own workload, making decisions within defined parameters relating to area of responsibility and seeking guidance when required. You will provide administrative support that is informed and directed by your knowledge and experience and may undertake some research and analysis activities.

You will share information, set work priorities and develop local processes. They may be required to communicate with, respond and provide advice to a range of stakeholders on administrative issues and will be accountable to contribute towards ongoing self-improvement and professional development.

Some of the work you may be responsible for includes:
Taking initiative to progress work to meet business objectives including managing competing priorities.

Providing standard advice in relation to queries on matters such as human resources, procurement, policy, financial, compliance, audit and risk matters.

Liaising with stakeholders and partners to build good working relationships and providing a point of contact for assistance and general enquiries.

Participating in research and assisting with the preparation of written papers and reports including briefs, minutes and other correspondence.

Creating and updating standard operating procedures (SOPs)

ASD5 Administration Officer

As an ASD5 Administration Officer you will play a vital role in driving your team’s delivery of operational and business outcomes for ASD.

ASD5’s are accountable for making independent decisions relating to their area of responsibility and expertise. They interpret and provide advice based on policies, procedures and legislation. ASD5’s also perform procedural, clerical, administrative and business support duties to achieve results within set timeframes and to an agreed standard.

ASD5’s coordinate and contribute to team deliverables in alignment with work plans and guidelines and provide advice and assistance on methods of task completion to team members. They review and develop the quality of work undertaken by junior staff and identify opportunities for on-the-job training within a work unit. They also engage and communicate with stakeholders to identify, respond and provide advice on issues.

ASD5’s are also accountable for contributing towards ongoing self-improvement and professional development

Some of the work you may be responsible for includes:
Working to agreed priorities and outcomes in order to meet business objectives for ASD.

Providing tailored guidance in relation to operational, procedural, administrative and business support related enquiries and apply the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to provide advice and services.

Consolidating, coordinating and analysing information to assist with the preparation of written submissions, briefs, reports, minutes and other correspondence for ASD.

Building and sustaining relationships with team members, stakeholders, and actively participate in team work and group activities.

Working collaboratively and operate as an effective team member and provide constructive feedback.

ASD6 Administration Officer / Administration Team Leader

As an ASD6 Administration Officer or Administration Team Leader you will play a vital role in leading others and delivering operational and business outcomes for ASD.

ASD6’s work independently and autonomously. They are accountable for the achievement of work outcomes and exercise both initiative and judgement and provide detailed administration and professional advice. They may contribute to strategic planning, program and project management and policy development.

ASD6’s set work priorities, manage workflows and build team capability through coaching, feedback and developing the quality of work undertaken by others within a work unit. They may exercise people and financial responsibilities.

ASD6’s have a considerable level of stakeholder engagement and can identify, anticipate and respond to stakeholders’ needs and expectations to achieve work unit outcomes.

ASD6’s are also accountable for contributing towards ongoing self-improvement and professional development

Some of the work you may be responsible for includes:
Allocating work, resources and tasking including setting work area priorities, developing strategies and evaluating business outcomes.

Ensuring completion of individual and team tasking within agreed timeframes and to the expected standards.

Sharing your own expertise to guide and mentor less experienced staff.

Provide detailed administration and professional advice for procedural, operational, administrative and business support activities.

Engage and negotiate with stakeholders on complex issues to achieve business outcomes.

Work collaboratively, build and sustain effective relationships and provide constructive feedback.

Identify and resolve problems including implementing alternative courses of action as necessary.

Research, develop and implement procedural, operational, administrative and business support documentation consistent with business requirements.

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About our Team

ASD is entering an exciting phase of growth, innovation and transformation. Our agency has committed to delivering REDSPICE, which is the most significant single investment in the Australian Signals Directorate’s 75 years.

ASD is recruiting for enthusiastic candidates with experience and skills in administration to fill vacancies across our organisation at the ASD4 and ASD5 levels. We have a range of roles on offer in areas such as:

administration and business support

audit, compliance and risk

contracts, finance and procurement

executive and secretariat support

human resources

stakeholder and relationship management

We are looking for talented people who are capable, dedicated, adaptable and resilient to bring their expertise to aid ASD in achieving our strategic, technical and operational objectives. If this sounds like you, we would love to receive your application

Our Ideal Candidate

As the ideal candidate you will:
Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Have the ability to develop good working relationships internally and externally

Exercise sound judgement, discretion, and integrity including the ability to maintain confidentiality and privacy

Have attention to detail, with the ability to take responsibility for accurate completion of work,

Possess strong organisation skills with the ability to plan and manage your workload, resolves issues as they arise and seek guidance when required.

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