Custodial Correctional Officer – Dog Handler

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The role of the Custodial Correctional Officer, Dog Handler is to deliver high personal standards, integrity and professionalism in their decision making, judgement, and engagement with internal/external stakeholders and the community. A Dog Handler must actively communicate and participate in the delivery of specialist services that enhances the security and good order of high/ low/ community correctional centres by providing timely response to any emergency or breach of security; assist in the security and control of prisoners; perform high-risk offender escort duties and drug/contraband detection.

In this role you will:

  • Maintain in safe working condition any weapon, equipment and vehicle issued by QCS.- Maintain strict control of all issued security equipment issued including equipment in one’s area of responsibility.- Manage the health, welfare, safe kenneling and control of any dog owned by QCS.- Maintain strict control of departmental dogs at all times and ensure they are only used for official QCS purposes.- Provide reports concerning equipment damage, defects or loss and maintain accurate administration records.- Maintain accurate record of all veterinary treatment, inoculations, medication, worming programs and any other medical information pertaining to allocated CS Dog in ‘Corrective Services Dog Record of Service’ booklet.- Manage one’s own time efficiently and effectively.- Work in a 24 X 7 environment and provide a timely response to any emergency or breach of security.- Provide specialised assistance in the security and control of offenders.- Provide first line escape response.- Perform foot and mobile patrols of QCS facilities.- Actively enforce the Agency’s drug strategy by detecting and deterring trafficking of drugs and contraband.- Conduct special searches.- Participate in special operations in conjunction with other security branches of QCS and Police and other Government law enforcement agencies.- Perform maximum security and high-risk offender escort duties.- Perform duties as required by the General Manager. – Develop productive relationships with staff, management, professionals, Police and other agencies.- Prepare and submit accurate incident reports/statements/records concerning notifiable incidents.- Perform surveillance to identify and respond appropriately to potential security risks and illegal activity- Create public confidence by personally promoting QCS with a positive image.- Ensure personal conduct is highly professional and appearance conforms to official dog squad uniform standards at all times.- Ensure one’s own decisions are timely, well considered and that actions taken are fair and accountable.- Enforce compliance of relevant QCS policy, procedures and legislation.- Ensure the safety of self and others.- Erect a department issue kennel/compound at handler’s residence for the purpose of securing a Corrective Services Dog- Maintain mandatory operator qualifications for control and restraint, weapons and chemical agents.- Maintain allocated CS dogs training and assessment record in ‘Corrective Services Dog Record of Service’ booklet.- Maintain training proficiency of allocated QCS Dog and successfully requalify; and undertake training when required.- Maintain own level of knowledge of legislation, policy and procedures in relation to offender security.- Ensure the security and confidentiality of QCS property and information.

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