Employment Consultant Support

  • Full Time
  • Perth

Talent HQ TA Platinum Consultants Pty Ltd Trust

  • Focus – International Candidate Management & Visa Administration Support
  • Build & Develop Your Industry Knowledge & Evolve into a Recruitment Consultant
  • Work From Home, Flexible Hours (Evenings/Night) – Attractive Remuneration
Talent HQ is a boutique recruitment company, providing a diverse range of specialised services to industries, which include but are not limited to: Oil & Gas, Resources, Energy, Engineering & Trades, Defence & Aerospace, Manufacturing (General, Food & Pharmaceutical), Logistics & Transport, Specialty Chemical, Banking, Finance & Insurance; to name a few. The business does not have a website you can readily look-up and the client base is built on “Word-of-Mouth” referrals and extensive relationships of the principal, who has in excess of 20 years expertise.

As a result of substantial growth associated with our International Recruitment & Visa programs, we are now seeking to engage the services of an energetic, passionate and highly motivated individual to learn and subsequently manage all administrative elements of the Visa application, recruitment & onboarding processes involved, with the view to developing this role/person into a fully fledged recruitment consultant.

This is a position whereby you must have strong retention and a genuine willingness to learn. There is a huge amount of trust which will be placed in this person to ensure the volume of work is efficiently and effectively managed, so you must be highly organised and understand the importance of adherence to strict document control processes.

Of critical importance – applicants MUST be aware, this is NOT a Monday to Friday Role, nor will you be working set hours Monday to Friday. You will have the ability to manage your hours accordingly. You will be working from home and operating across different time zones typically 6-8 hours behind. Candidates are predominantly from Europe and it is important you have exceptional communication skills and the ability to build strong working relationships quickly. As quite a number of these candidates will be relocating to Perth for typically FIFO roles, you will also have the opportunity to meet with them in person as part of the “Pastoral Care” approach.

Typically you will be making contact with candidates via WhatsApp and E-Mail and communicating with them around their availability to collate all of the necessary documentation to complete Visa Submissions and their subsequent client HR files. You will assist with co-ordinating flight options, arrival times, local accommodation options, local training courses for compliance purposes etc.

On offer to attract candidates of the highest calibre and with the desired values, behaviours and attributes sought is an attractive and negotiable salary package and/or sub-contracting arrangements, whichever structure works best.

For more information and a confidential discussion, please feel free to contact Kirk on 0423 548 780.

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