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North West Mining & Civil Pty Ltd aims to be the leading provider of construction and building services, commercial plumbing, waste management and facilities management for mining and commercial clients in the Tom Price region. We have many opportunities for self motivated and experienced tradesmen to work on our projects.

North West Mining & Civil has opportunities for experienced and motivated tradesmen. Not only are we looking for experience but also people who demonstrates the following qualities:

Are motivated and enthusiastic


Able to work effectively as part of a team

Proactive & uses their initiative

Are interested in developing their skills further

Can deliver quality work on time

Have good problem solving & decision making skills

Why join our team?

At North West Mining & Civil we provide opportunities and projects that are challenging but rewarding.

We are committed to giving you opportunities that allow you to continue learning, training and developing your skills as tradesmen while working in a positive team environment.

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