Junior Cafe Attendant (casual) (V22/5769)

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Full Job Description
Waiting duties and food service for the operation of the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre



Reports to: (Position Title): Café Coordinator

Report to: (Position Number)

Staff Responsibility: Nil

Key Internal Relationships: Works within the Cultural Centre Café team and

the wider Cultural Centre staff team.

Key External Relationships: Direct contact with clients and customers of the

CC Café.


  • Provide café style food and table service for the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Café,

including the preparation of coffee and light meals.

  • Assist in the provision of catering for functions and events taking place within the

Cultural Centre.

  • Provide the highest quality service to customers of the Cultural Centre.
  • Assist in maintaining the clean and tidy presentation of the Cultural Centre’s public


  • Embrace and participate in a ‘team’ mentality amongst the restaurant’s paid resources

and the staff of the Cultural Centre as a whole.

  • Ensure effective WH&S and EEO procedures are followed at all times.
  • Ensure personal presentation is of a high standard and in keeping with the work


Guiding Principles

  • We act as one organisation responding to the changing needs of our LGA and


  • We are strategy led, driven by our Community Strategic Plan with clear priorities and


  • We are service focused ` we continuously improve service provision and provide

excellent customer service

  • We collaborate and work together to achieve our outcomes
  • We ensure safety and well-being is at the centre of our organisation, operations and


  • We are a financially sustainable organisation, living within our means, ensuring best

value resource allocation

These Guidelines complement the Council’s adopted Values of: Work Together; Work

Safe Home safe; Service Excellence; Value for Money; Trust and Respect; and,

Supporting Community

Workplace Health & Safety

Ensure compliance with WHS obligations and responsibilities as outlined in Councils

policies and procedures and under the relevant WHS legislation. These include but are

not limited to identifying potentially unsafe situations or work practices and notifying your

Supervisor or Manager (or the Health, Safety Manager/Area Safety Representative);

never performing a task that you believe is dangerous or for which you do not have the

experience, or have not received appropriate instructions and training or where the correct

equipment to carry out the task safely is not available; always work in a safe manner and

in accordance with safety instructions, where applicable; use the work equipment supplied

for the job, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions), and any personal

protective equipment, which the Council deems necessary and has provided; be safety

aware and report any actions to your line manager which will assist the Council to meet

its legal workplace health and safety obligations.

You have the right to cease or direct cessation of unsafe work. In addition you are required

at all times to comply with Councils Asbestos Management Plan and Policy.

Compliance & Risk

You are responsible for ensuring that you conduct your risk management responsibilities

as described in council’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Policy and Procedure (the

ERM Framework) with the goal of ensuring that potential issues are identified and reported

in a timely manner. In undertaking your work should you identify contaminated land or

potentially contaminated land, including but not limited to asbestos contamination you are

required to notify your supervisor immediately


  • This job requires written communication skills which enable the job holder to complete

standard forms.

  • The jobholder has high visibility with customers.
  • Not usually required to provide service to internal customers, other than answering

occasional queries and helping others when required and performing work in logical


  • Expected to cooperate with co-workers in creating smooth workflow, including

assisting with each other’s work when necessary.

The job holder is required to interact with the following groups or individuals within and

outside the Council on a regular basis and for the purpose shown below:

  • Provide and obtain information:
  • Section Managers/Team Leaders
  • Commercial/industrial/development representatives (eg vendors, builders,


  • Community organisations – service clubs etc
  • Local Business
  • Negotiate or persuade:
  • Members of the public/residents/ratepayers


  • Problems are solved by applying standards, established practices and procedures, or

operating instructions.

  • Little planning is required since activities are monitored by others.
  • Broadly understand the section’s goals and how the job role contributes to them. Be

familiar with Council structure, products and customers. Understand the overall

organisation’s vision and direction.


  • The jobholder works within detailed written or oral instructions or procedures or under


  • Decisions made by the job holder affect own work only.
  • The work of the job holder influences the external environment by ensuring services

are consistent with Council standards.

  • The jobholder complies with operational requirements in cooperation with or under the

supervision of other employees. Other employees or members of the public may be

affected by the employee’s acts or omissions.

  • The job holder has little or no responsibility for budget development.



  • Junior role will provide in service training and development.


  • Sound mathematical understanding
  • Appreciation of cleanliness and food handling protocols
  • Appreciation of the importance of customer service standards
  • Ability to take direction and enthusiastically undertake tasks


  • An enthusiasm to provide excellent customer service within a café/restaurant


  • An understanding of the operation of tools and equipment commonly utilised in a

café/restaurant environment (i.e. coffee machines, industrial washers, food preparation

and display equipment).

  • Ability to initiate, plan and prioritise multi-dimensional tasks within a busy work


  • Sound mathematical abilities for cash handling and transactions.


  • An innovative, creative and contemporary approach to food service
  • An appreciation and understanding of the role of Arts and culture in a healthy


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