Ministerial Liaison Officer (FSINS/AO7) Ministerial and Cabinet Legislation Liaison Office

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About us

As an emergency service agency, QFES is responsible for ensuring the safety of people and property across Queensland through the provision of effective prevention, preparation, response and recovery activities across a range of emergency situations.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is the primary provider of fire, rescue and emergency management programs and services throughout Queensland. The department encompasses the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), disaster management services, the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the State Emergency Service (SES), and also supports other volunteer groups providing emergency response to Queenslanders.

QFES is one department with many services, many capabilities and many partners.

Purpose of the role

Ministerial and Cabinet Legislation Liaison Office (CLLO) is responsible for senior liaison and support to the Office of the Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, and the Commissioner, QFES through the provision of ministerial, executive and cabinet services. The office contains the senior liaison functions of QFES, including the Cabinet Legislation and Liaison Officer; Departmental Liaison Officer and Ministerial Liaison Officer; and provides a high standard of correspondence and government briefing documentation in a timely manner, and is also responsible for coordinating incoming government briefings to support ministerial and parliamentary enquires.

Reporting to the Executive Director, Strategy Directorate, you will be a key member of the senior level liaison team within QFES and be one of the primary points of contact between the Office of the Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services and QFES, and be specifically responsible for the exchange and management of all QFES operational streams information and advice between the Minister’s Officer and QFES.

Key requirements

Special requirements

  • This is an operational liaison position appointed at the rank of Inspector or equivalent. Only applicants with relevant operational experience from FRS, RFS or SES should apply. Applicants will be required to meet all provisions as set out in the relevant operational or equivalent classification role description.
  • The incumbent will be required to travel on official business and the possession of a C Class Driver’s Licence (non-restricted) is required.
  • Appointees will be required to travel within the area of responsibility.

Your key accountabilities

Your part in the ongoing success of our department, in supporting key frontline services will see you responsible for a variety of work, including, but not limited to:

  • Provide the minister’s office with a readily accessible source of knowledge and expertise regarding the operational services within QFES.
  • Conduct research and analyse issues to ensure the provision of accurate and timely operational advice to the minister’s office.
  • Establish and maintain an effective network of QFES officers who may be called upon to assist with providing operational advice for the minister’s office.
  • Work with the QFES Departmental Liaison Officer and assist with the facilitation of effective, efficient and timely advice from the department to the minister’s office on urgent and emerging issues.
  • Participate in the provision of whole-of-department responses to issues that require integrated and consistent information to be sourced and collated, ensuring all matters are responded to in an efficient and high-quality manner.
  • Resolve problems arising from the provision of conflicting information and ensure consistency of advice with government policy and departmental objectives and priorities.
  • Assist in the effective and efficient resolution of enquiries and complaints made to the Office of the Minister, including identification of trends and emerging issues, whilst ensuring appropriate policies and procedures are implemented.
  • Represent QFES at internal and external forums as required, to build awareness, strengthen governance and ensure positive outcomes.


To determine your suitability for the role, you will be assessed on the following Leadership Competencies for Queensland behavioural profiles that link to the “key accountabilities” for this role:

Leadership Competency Stream – Program Leader (leading teams and/or projects)


  • Leads strategically
  • Makes insightful decisions


  • Builds enduring relationships
  • Drives accountability and outcomes


  • Fosters healthy and inclusive workplaces
  • Demonstrates sound governance

Once you join us we will want you to exemplify the QFES shared values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • LoyaltyThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.

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