Ranger Supervisor – Natural Resource Management Officer

Torres Strait Regional Authority

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Generous allowances paid on top of salary. Allowances include district allowance, leave fare allowance (payable after 12 months of service) and housing subsidy. Superannuation is paid at 15.4%.

As a Ranger Supervisor you will provide the day-to-day supervision for a team of Rangers, which will include directing tasks, approving leave, managing performance, organise purchases for Ranger projects and ensure Workplace Health and Safety standards are maintained. This will include scheduling activities appropriately throughout the year, meeting deadlines and providing fit for purpose field reporting to researchers and scientific teams. As the Ranger Supervisor you will be required to travel to your Ranger groups to undertake various tasks which will involve asset and audit checks and be involved in field operations.

You will be responsible for communicating information from the Rangers up to the Senior Ranger Supervisor for your cluster, as well as to LSMU project areas. Ranger Supervisors are guided and supported by their Senior Ranger Supervisor to ensure successful projects are being delivered in the community.

As the Ranger Supervisor you will work with researchers to gain an understanding on scientific aspects of plants, animals, and the environment, you will be required to record information collected using computer systems in English. You will be required to communicate effectively between your supervisor and fellow team members, share information about activities on your island, and plan and achieve projects prior to deadlines.

Land based activities will include leading weed eradication activities, beach clean ups and maintaining cultural sites. You will also be required to undertake plant surveys. Sea based activities will include leading different projects like sea grass monitoring surveys, coral reef surveys, turtle monitoring and recording information on the marine ecosystems. You will work closely with the Land Team, Sea Team, external researchers and consultants, and ensure communication between them and your team is effective and productive.

You will be required to talk to PBC’s and stakeholders seeking permission to work on Islands to conduct surveys of the environment, carry out installation and maintenance of shelters and signs. You will work with community members to record cultural knowledge that contributes to the TEK projects, in traditional languages and/or English. You will represent the TSRA and maintain a good reputation by treating all members of the community with respect. You will hold meetings with PBC and community regularly to update them on Ranger works and hear feedback.

As part of the Ranger team, you will be responsible for your own and others’ sea safety by coordinating Voyage plans, ensuring vessels are seaworthy and have all required safety equipment. As a Ranger Supervisor must model good Work, Health and Safety practices to your team, and follow TSRA policies and procedures to ensure the safety of yourself, colleagues, and communities.

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