Warehouse Pick Packer 6 nights a week 3 to 4 hours per night long-term work

busy bee wholesale bakery

If applying please message why this part-time night-time work is suitable for you.

Applicants please message why this part-time night-time work is suitable for you

The work is 11pm start Sunday night to Friday night 6 nights a week at our warehouse in St Peters

Work 3 to 4 hours nightly approximately from 11pm to 3am nightly.

We are looking for workers to pack bakery products in boxes or crates quickly accurately and with care.

You have to be reliable fast paced fit capable people to join our team of 10 working at night in our warehouse to pack bakery orders bread muffins etc etc which are delivered in the early morning to our business customers all over Sydney.

Our team apart from new recent hirings have been with us long-term7 years minimum.

The job involves packing items shown on invoices so you need to be able to

read and understand the invoice quicky and accurately.

you need to understand and speak English clearly so you can ask others for help and understand their reply

psychically you need to be able to :

walk briskly to the area where products are located

pick the correct amount and

pack the products neatly in boxes or trays

pack al invoices quickly so drivers can get out early to deliver

We have over 1000 different bakery items so it will take time to know what and where all the items are. Other workers will tell/show you how to pack and what the products are etc

We pay set shift amount so if finish packing etc early good for you and good for our drivers as they get out earlier to deliver

Applicants living close to our warehouse at St Peters will be given preference over others living further away.

Job Types: Part-time, Subcontract, Casual
Part-time hours: 18-24 per week

Salary: $30.00 – $36.00 per hour


  • Employee discount


  • Every weekend
  • Monday to Friday
  • Night shift
  • On call

COVID-19 considerations:
double-vaccinated is required.
The warehouse is large so even 10 or 12 people packing are widely spaced out.
When required by Governments we wear masks scan when working at warehouse etc

Work Location: One location

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